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Magento eCommerce – Price Rounding off Issues

  • Situation: Magento not rounding off product prices correctly
  • Magento Version:

I have had to get my hands pretty dirty lately with Magento eCommerce as we have been moving thick and fast into the eCommerce development site of the industry. While building a theme for one of our clients we started noticing issues with prices that include VAT / TAX which was not being rounded of correctly.

For instance we would add the product, give it a price of R490.00 only to find it being displayed as R489.99…mmm, this got my brain working in over drive and after a few a searches “luckily” I came across this thread on the Magento site – http://www.magentocommerce.com/boards/viewthread/247201/ – thanks guys as I was getting pretty desperate at this time of the evening. I find that these types of issues can take you days to find the answers to a rather simple work around.

I also found this good read and explanation for this situation – http://www.edmondscommerce.co.uk/magento/magento-rounding-errors-1-6-0/ 

What you need to do is find the following file – core/Mage/Tax/Helpers/Data.php and search for the following lines:

  • $price = $this->_calculatePrice($price, $includingPercent, false);
  • $price = $this->_calculatePrice($price, $percent, true);

And replace ALL INSTANCES with the following below:

  • $price = $this->_calculatePrice($price, $includingPercent, true); 
  • $price = $this->_calculatePrice($price, $percent, false);

I do suggest that once done you Flush The Magento Cache and do a quick Re-index in the Index Management section under System. This pretty much helped me in my situation.

Please note that this helped me in my situation and I do strongly suggest that you always keep a backup of your database just incase something goes wrong.