PauseBreak Media 2008.10.28 / For the love of Media

We love all things from website design, architecture, fashion, photography, nature, not some much politics yet we do, tv games and lots more!



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New Office Branding

With all the digital and online work we do it was high-time to do something more tangible. With the help of our sister company, iLead Online, we created a life-size Pausebreak Media canvas to grace the walls of our office. Inspired by the 80’s arcade jewel, Space Invaders, the canvas is a reflection of the culture we live out each day at Pausebreak Media: Doing what we like the best we can, not forgetting where we came from and most importantly, keeping our eye on the future as we re-invent the creative space around us. Like the red ‘Pausebreakian’ starship firing away at mediocrity in the name of the new and improved, we hope to share our expertise – whether it be Print, Digital or Online – with the new daily-evolving world around us.