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We love all things from website design, architecture, fashion, photography, nature, not some much politics yet we do, tv games and lots more!



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Our Services

We cover the basics – and we do it professionally, confidently and all in good time!

Custom Web Design & Programming

Competing for attention on the web has got to be one of the toughest challenges out there. We are here to inspire your brand and get your ideas out there to get your potential clients to know and understand who you are as an individual person, business or an organization with both stunning visuals, outstanding programming and well thought-out concept.

Web design is our game and we understand the concept of bringing your brand to life. We have worked with a number of companies and taken on a number of unique projects ranging from both large and small. With our custom website designs we give your company a personality for all to see!

Graphic Design

PauseBreak brings clarity and gloss to your graphic needs! Clean and fresh are just a few adjectives to describe our work and dedication which sums up our inspiration for graphic design. With over 8 years of experience and with great depth in the PauseBreak team we are sure to meet your needs in your projects.

Each day our team spends sometime looking for new creative ways to bring their arts of work to life! Thus we follow the motto of “One must never stop learning and never stop improving your own graphic design skills”.

Print Design

PauseBreak is not only a great name but also has a pretty impressive body of print work – we see ourselves as your one stop media shop! Get it done in one spot and done professionally. We combine youthful energy into each design and adapt to each project.

PauseBreak Media will take care of your business cards, letterheads and custom flyers – no project is too small for us!

Online Marketing

Did you know that we can put you on Google? Believe it because it is not only true but we will get you there faster than what you think! So don’t blink!!

PauseBreak Media has been involved in website design and web development for some time now and the aim of the game is to deliver the best possible internet marketing solutions in order to make your business and your website more accessible via the internet.

Our staff includes copywriters, web masters and business analysts who specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know your company and its needs in order to apply our expertise to improve your online marketing in the most effective way.