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Nashua ECN



Company: Nashua ECN
Website: http://www.nashua-ecn.com

We were approached by Nashua ECN to re-develop there website as the former company ECN had just been purchased by the Reunert Group for a fair amount of money.

JSE-listed technology and telecommunications group Reunert paid R171,9m for privately held ECN Telecommunications, its 2011 financial results show. Of this, R107,8m was in the form of goodwill, which means Reunert attached a fair market value to ECN of R64,1m.

We had to come up with a great concept to bring there services to life which we did with a nice fading scroller on the home page highlighting the key services. Not only was the navigation well thought out on the scroller but also easy to use. There are a number of hidden jems in this site, one being is that the site is fully driven by a CMS system allowing the client to take care of there future updates.

This project would not have gone any smother if it wasn’t for the determination of Chris Baisch and Thandi Lechelele who project managed the website content. There clear outlines and direct communication with PauseBreak was outstanding which made it such a pleasure to work with them.

Andy OpenShaw (Managing Director) sent out a message to the Nashua Group on the day of the launch -

We are very happy to announce that we have today gone live with the new Nashua ECN corporate identity.

It has been a huge task to create, develop and finalize the new; and then remove replace, redo and reissue the entire companies, profile, collateral, advertising, contracts, web site, etc.

Chris, Thandi and the team at PauseBreak, with support from all sides of the business have done sterling work, we are very pleased with the results, and happy to now be be part of the Nashua brand.